Collaborative Research Club

The evolution of collaborative research

A new shared adventure of updating, collaboration and medical-scientific research is beginning with the birth of the Bellco Collaborative Research Club.
We have together proved that innovation, creativity and collaboration are the key to a future that has already begun, working towards greater expectation and quality of life of the patients.
Dialysis and Intensive Care, among the spearheads of excellence on European and worldwide level, are the most concrete example: they have in fact seen a large part of the most innovative discoveries to come out of the collaboration between technological innovation and medical-clinical research with significant results for the well-being of the patient.

These are the prerequisites and motivations behind setting up the Collaborative Research Club: a tool aimed at stimulating and facilitating exchange, comparison and updating, a sort of collective intelligence available to all of us.


  • Form a truly interconnected and interactive medical community
  • Interdisciplinarity between nephrologists, intensive care workers, cardiologists, physicians and experts in general
  • Motivate further research projects
  • Facilitate data gathering and processing and real-time updating on the state of the art Club structure and operation

Club structure and operation

The Club is structured in four main macro-areas (HDF and Clearance, Nutrition and Inflammation, Cardiovascular Stability, Extracorporeal Treatments for Critical Care) that pool past, present and future study protocols and/or case studies, in their turn divided into thematic areas. Each area is managed by a Coordinator and two Advisors who have the task of documenting the collaborative research results already published, discussing the lines of development of future collaborative research, and seeing to the half-yearly update of the ongoing research in collaboration with the project staff.

The portal is the online network of the Club and will be integrated in successive steps by the end of 2010.

In the meantime, the Club event steps in progress can be followed “live” on

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